SR 520 Bridge

Construction workers are engaged in activities that expose them to numerous health hazards, many of which cannot be seen. To further protect workers’ safety and health, NVL Laboratories’ industrial hygienists have provided on-call IH services over the duration of the SR 520 bridge construction process. Main responsibilities include preparation of a confined space work plan and worker exposure monitoring involving perimeter and clearance verification sampling for various airborne contaminants such as metals, volatile organic compounds, silica, and carbon monoxide. Total cost for the work performed was $280,000.

Rainier Commons (Old Rainier Brewery)

NVL Laboratories is providing oversight, consulting, worker exposure monitoring, environmental monitoring, and lab analysis services for a large-scale PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) remediation project at the Old Rainier Brewery, the historic Seattle landmark which now houses office spaces and artists’ lofts.

WSDOT Mukilteo Tank Farm Terminal Creosote Piling Removal

In an effort to increase and improve the infrastructure for its Mukilteo ferry terminal, the Washington State Department of Transportation has begun the Mukilteo Multimodal Project, a 10 year plan to move the ferry terminal to a new location 1.3 miles to the East at the site of the Mukilteo Tank Farm Pier, a disused U.S. Air Force site that was shut down in 1989. The project involves the demolition and removal of wooden pilings that were covered in creosote in order to prevent the logs from rotting while submerged in water.

Greenbridge Project King County Housing Authority

Greenbridge refers to the King County Housing Authority’s (KCHA) 95-acre mixed-income housing development in White Center (just south of West Seattle in King County).

Salishan hope VI project

The largest public housing development owned by the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) was in the process of undergoing a complete revitalization. Over the next six years, the housing project was to be transformed from roughly 850 deteriorating units to a master-planned community of 1,270 homes, dotted parks and greenbelts.

Remediation & Abatement Oversight for VIS Group at Regency Park Condominium

Regency Park is a gated community located in beautiful University Place and features a club house, rec room, outdoor pool, and RV parking. The buildings at Regency Park Condominium had severe mold issues in the some units.

King County Road Services – Capital Improvement Program
South Park Bridge #3179 – Replacement Project

The project called to construct a new moveable bridge over Duwamish Waterway Parallel to and downriver of the existing bridge. The existing Bridge was built in 1929-1931. The South Park Bridge spans the navigable of the Duwamish Waterway, which is used for industrial, commercial and recreational purposes.

Site Assessment for Hazardous Building Materials-Asbestos & Lead (Pb) for damaged structures in Alabama due to Disastrous Tornado

The latest tornado’s nearly 200-mph winds leveled much of State of Alabama and other Southern States, crushing cars and leaving churches, businesses, homes and schools in ruins. Alabama was the worst hit state among all.