Baseline Indoor Air Quality Studies
Evaluate tenants complaints of symptoms/odors and determine the possible cause(s) of the problem and the location within the building of concern.

HVAC Evaluations
Preformed to determine if the HVAC system is operating properly, review maintenance records, inspect the equipment, and obtain ventilation readings at air supply registers to determine if the system meets recommended ASHRAE ventilation requirements.

Indoor Air Quality Testing
Preformed in order to determine the levels of contaminants that cause IAQ problems. Common contaminants NVL tests for include; carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), formaldehyde, fungal spores, and particulates.

Corrective Action Plans
NVL Labs’ IAQ professionals develop a recommendations to correct current IAQ problems and prevent future problems.

Prevention Programs
Develop programs to assist building managers and engineers to properly service HVAC systems, and on a routine basis measure the humidity, carbon dioxide and VOC levels in their buildings, performing inspections and Indoor Air Quality testing.