NVL is one of the leading industrial hygiene firms in the Northwest. Opening its doors in 1995, NVL successfully provides full-service to its clients including testing and environmental safety services. We provide innovative solutions to all your environmental and health & safety needs, in order to minimize your risks and overhead costs. Having NVL as your project partner ensures success for your clients.


We take pride in offering a broad range of experiences in supporting both public and private entities. Our services are designed to meet the needs and standards of a diverse range of businesses including environmental engineering firms, architects, general contractors, industrial hygienists, facility/property managers, remodelers, government agencies, homeowners, and others involved with hazardous commercial or residential building materials. NVL’s seasoned team of experts provides complete services and regulatory compliant hazardous material solutions ranging from project design, surveys/inspections, analytics, remediation plans, project oversight, O&M plans, to final project closeout. Our core values are strong teamwork, empowerment, quality, and consistency.

Our core services include:

  • Laboratory/ Analytical
  • Project Management
  • Training

NVL Labs has been operating nationally and internationally for over 15 years and is the premier testing laboratory in the Puget Sound region. We are an AIHA-LAP, LLC (Lab# 101861), NVLAP, WADOE for drinking water and WADOE for RCRA Metals accredited laboratory nd an EPA certified Lead (Pb) Firm. Our system is designed for handling all your large and small project.

We provide the highest quality analytical results, specializing in asbestos fiber identification and a range of metals analysis using NIOSH, OSHA and EPA methods. NVL provides quick turn around times (as fast as 1 hour), after hours analysis, concise and easily accessible reports through our Lab Online service, and easy-to-use chain of custodies and sample receiving processes.