What is Industrial Hygiene?

Health & Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance to any community, and Industrial Hygienists are the ones who work to examine, recognize, plan and prevent environmental risks and hazards that can harm a community. From indoor air quality (IAQ) to mold to occupational diseases from exposure, IH’s are trained to spot threats and draw up plans for mitigating hazards to the work-force and educating employers about regulations, compliance, and job related risks.

Our approach towards projects are as follows:

  • Discuss and understand clients’ needs for their projects and goals in great detail.
  • Develop an appropriate plan for a solution that best fits their needs and ensuring that they remain in compliance at all times as per requirements by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and others regulatory agencies.
  • Implement the plan as per schedule and maintain professional documentation throughout the process
  • Maintain written and verbal communication with clients through the duration of the project, in order to keep our clients informed every step of the way.
  • Deliver on time, professionally completed report electronically as well as hard copy.
  • For complex and multi discipline projects we also provide project design & consulting that includes retaining most appropriate technical resources and expertise along with the contractor to produce the desired results.
  • In case you do not have your health and safety team in place, we take your projects from start to finish, including providing good faith inspections for hazardous building materials, developing abatement plan, provide project oversight and project close out documentation.
  • For Child occupied facilities we provide Lead (Pb) inspections using XRF machine as well as Lead Risk Assessments and clearance inspections as required by HUD and Section 8 programs.