Good Faith Inspection services for single family and commercial building renovation/demolition projects, as required by OSHA’s (L&I) under WAC 295-62-07721 and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s (PSCAA Regulation III, Article 4 requirements.

Design Level Survey and Project Specifications
Design level survey and abatement/remediation specification (02 82 00) for the bid package.

  • Project abatement oversight and closeout documents

Limited Asbestos Screening of buildings following ASTM standards E 2308-05
Required for real estate transaction, property lease and/or receipt of a security interest of real estate property.

Developing Operation and Maintenance Plan (O & M Plan) to maintain the asbestos containing material in place and for the use of building maintenance staff.

Contamination Evaluation and Cleanup Plan to determine extent of asbestos contamination of subject site and develop a cleanup plan to be followed by a certified contractor for safe occupancy of the space.