Greenbridge refers to the King County Housing Authority’s (KCHA) 95-acre mixed-income housing development in White Center (just south of West Seattle in King County). The Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES) is working closely with the KCHA to incorporate sustainable construction practices throughout the project, which includes redevelopment and revitalization of the existing Park Lake Homes public housing community.

The proposal included demolition of most or all existing buildings on-site, and demolition, abandonment or replacement of existing infrastructure including streets, water lines, sanitary sewers, storm drainage and other utilities.

NVL Labs was awarded this project to perform project oversight and on-site sampling by NIOSH 7400 during Asbestos & Lead (Pb) removal. We coordinated the Asbestos Abatement process for a large housing complex. This project lasted for approximately 6 months for approximately 500 units. Total cost of the work done by NVL Labs was $60,000.