NICK LYVice-President/Technical Director

    Nick brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of analytical chemistry and industrial hygiene/environmental toxicology, including extensive research in PCB, arsenic and heavy metal exposure at the University of Washington, Environmental Health Department. Mr. Ly has a broad background in performing industrial hygiene related analysis for human health concerns including indoor air, acute exposure and worker exposure issues relating to abatement and construction contractors.   As a chemist Mr. Ly has been directing research experiments and managing laboratory personnel since 1995. As Technical Director of NVL Laboratories, Mr. Ly is responsible for designing, implementing and auditing protocols for laboratory analysis. He oversees laboratory personnel to ensure that QA/QC laboratory procedures are executed properly and that data is interpreted and documented in accordance with predetermined QC standards. Mr. Ly is also responsible for maintaining all laboratory accreditations including AIHA, ELLAP, NVLAP and WADOE certifications and ensuring compliance with all ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.