Mr. Ly brings over 30 years of experience in the fields of analytical chemistry, Industrial Hygiene and environmental toxicology, including extensive research and method development in PCBs, Silica, Hexavalent Chromium and other heavy metals at NVL Laboratories and at University of Washington Environmental Health Department. He has a broad background in performing industrial hygiene related analysis for human health concerns including indoor air, acute exposure and worker exposure issues related to abatement and construction contractors.

As a chemist he has been conducting research experiments and managing laboratory personnel for over 25 years. As Technical Director of NVL Laboratories, he is responsible for designing, implementing and auditing protocols for laboratory analysis. He oversees laboratory personnel to ensure that QA/QC laboratory procedures are executed properly and that data is interpreted and documented in accordance with predetermined QC standards. Mr. Ly is also responsible for maintaining all laboratory accreditations including AIHA, AIHA-ELLAP, NVLAP, WADOE, DoD-ELAP and CA-ELAP certifications and ensuring compliance with all ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

Technical Accomplishments

Design and coordinate both intra-laboratory and inter-laboratory (Round Robin) Asbestos and Mold QC programs
Oversee all laboratory accreditation programs in PCM, PLM, Mold, Organics and Metals departments
Manage daily operation of laboratory to ensure samples and test reports are processed in a timely manner
Perform method development for analysis of bulk and airborne asbestos samples using polarized Light and Phase Contrast Microscopes
Maintain and troubleshoot all laboratory analytical instrument to ensure proper operation
Review and validate all analytical data, reports and chain-of-custody instructions prior to issuing signed finals to clients
Respond and address all technical issues and inquiries from laboratory personnel and customers